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what is petroleum coke used for

  • Health Effects of Petroleum Coke | Petroleum Coke on ...

    Petroleum coke, also called pet coke or petcoke, is a solid carbon material that resembles coal; it is a product of oil refining. What are the health risks of petroleum coke? Significant quantities of fugitive dust from pet coke storage and handling operations present a health risk. EPA is

  • Managing China’s Petcoke [petroleum coke]Problem

    Petroleum coke (petcoke), a by-product of petroleum refining that is high in contaminants, has quietly emerged in China as an inexpensive, but very dirty, alternative to coal.

  • What is the use of Graphitized Petroleum Coke?

    The emergence of Graphitized Petroleum Coke is a matter of recent years. Although it is not a new product, it belongs to one of the existing graphite materials. Because of its simple survival method and low cost of survival, it has developed a new use.

  • The History and Future Challenges of Calcined Petroleum ...

    Abstract. Calcined petroleum coke is used for the production of carbon anodes in the Hall-Héroult aluminum smelting process due to a combination of low impurity levels, ready …

  • Coking 101 An Introduction to Delayed Coking

    LPG, and petroleum coke. Adams Project Managers, Inc. III. Delayed Coker Fractionator 9 The Coker Fractionator receives and separates the feedstock and sour ‘cracked’ gas and liquids from the operating Coke Drum and Coker Furnace. •Fuels Gas and LPG are recovered for fuel or other products. •Naptha is recovered and sent to the other refinery units for gasoline production. •Light ...

  • Sustainable Development | Province of Manitoba

    The Coal and Petroleum Coke Ban for Space Heating Regulation. Q: What is the Coal and Petroleum Coke Ban for Space Heating Regulation? A: The regulation (under The Environment Act) bans coal and petroleum coke (also called pet coke) for use as a space heating fuel.

  • What is Petcoke? And What is it Used For? Petro Online

    Petroleum coke refers to all types of carbonaceous solids obtained in petroleum processing, which includes green or raw, calcined and needle petroleum coke. Petroleum coke is used in many applications, including electrodes and anodes. It is also used as a fuel in the metal and brick industries.

  • what is petroleum coke used for - surabayaschoolguide.com

    Quarterly Coal Report - Energy Information Administration. Petroleum & Other Liquids. Crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, diesel, propane, and other liquids including biofuels and natural gas liquids.

  • Calcined Petroleum Coke - Oxbow

    Calcined Petroleum Coke is a critical ingredient in the production of aluminum. It is created by placing high quality raw "green" petroleum coke into rotary kilns, where it is heated to temperatures between 1200 to 1350 degrees C (2192 to 2460 F).

  • Petroleum coke calcining systems -

    Calcined petroleum coke is mainly used to produce anodes used in the aluminum industry for smelting aluminum, but is also used in steel making and production of titanium dioxide and other uses. is the world leader in Petroleum Coke Calcining ...

  • Pet Coke Consulting for Buyers and Sellers of Petroleum Coke

    Petroleum coke and the coal industry: Petroleum coke has made significant inroads into the steam coal industry over the last few years and will continue to do so for a variety of reasons.

  • Petroleum Coke – Suncor

    Petroleum coke sales are typically structured as short-term fixed price contracts or spot-fixed price (cargo-by-cargo or month-by-month) contracts. Access to North American markets Suncor accesses North American petroleum coke markets via Canadian …

  • What is the difference between crude oil, petroleum ...

    Petroleum products are produced from the processing of crude oil and other liquids at petroleum refineries, from the extraction of liquid hydrocarbons at natural gas processing plants, and from the production of finished petroleum products at blending facilities.

  • What is Petroleum Coke Breeze? - Definition from ...

    Petroleum coke breeze is a carbon backfill which is used around impressed current anodes for underground cathodic protection applications. It is used to: It is used to: Reduce the resistivity of the environment surrounding the anode to increase the amount of current the anode can discharge

  • Today in Energy - Energy Information Administration

    Petroleum coke has uses in the electric power and industrial sectors, as fuel inputs or a manufacturing raw material used to produce electrodes for the steel and aluminum industries. In 2011 , the refining industry supplied 132 million barrels of petroleum coke with most of it subsequently consumed as fuel.

  • Coke (fuel) - Wikipedia

    The form known as petroleum coke, or pet coke, is derived from oil refinery coker units or other cracking processes. Coke is used in preparation of producer gas which is a mixture of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen (N 2 ).

  • Petroleum products facts | Natural Resources Canada

    Petroleum refineries. Petroleum refineries transform crude oil into a wide range of refined petroleum products (e.g. gasoline, diesel). Other facilities such as asphalt plants, lubricant plants, upgraders and some petrochemical plants also process crude oil to produce a limited range of products.

  • Petroleum coke - Wikipedia

    Petroleum coke, abbreviated coke or petcoke, is a final carbon-rich solid material that derives from oil refining, and is one type of the group of fuels referred to as cokes. Petcoke is the coke …

  • what is petroleum coke used for - springsoldboys.co.za

    5.1 The crystallinity of petroleum coke, as reflected by the L c value, is a general measure of quality affecting suitability for end use and is a function of the heat treatment. 5.2 The crystallite thickness is used to determine the extent of such heat treatment, for example, during calcination

  • Petroleum Coke - Oxbow

    Petroleum coke is a byproduct of the oil refining process. As refineries worldwide seek to operate more efficiently and extract more gasoline and other high value fuels from each barrel of crude oil, a solid carbon material known as petcoke is produced.


    petroleum coke was used within reheries in 1996. Texaco cogeneration power pht at El Dorado refinery, Kansas gasifies a delayed coke to produce syn-gas for a combustion turbine fuel [2]. Typical composition of the delayed coke is: on dry basis, 90% carbon, 4% hydrogen, 4% sulfur ...

  • Petroleum Coke: Industry and Environmental Issues

    Petroleum coke (petcoke) is a black- colored solid composed primarily of carbon, and may contain limited amounts of elemental forms of sulfur, metals and non-volatile inorganic compounds.

  • What Is Petcoke? - ThoughtCo

    Petroleum coke, or petcoke, is a byproduct from the refining of crude oil. It consists mostly of carbon, with variable amounts of sulfurs and heavy metals. It has many industrial uses, including the production of batteries, steel, and aluminum. Lower grade petcoke, which contains higher concentrations of sulfur, is used …

  • What Is Petroleum Coke? - wisegeek.com

    2018-12-12· Petroleum coke, also called petcoke, is a rocklike leftover of the oil refining process. Energy can be created from petroleum coke, so it is often turned into dry cells and fuels based on the type of coke it is.


    Green (raw) petroleum coke is produced as a by-product in the reiinery crude oil processing and prima* used in anode manufacture because of its low ash content. In general, coke is considered more valuable if it has low sulfur content, high bulk density, and metals content [4]. Sulfur ...

  • What is Petcoke? And What is it Used For? Petro Online

    North American production of petroleum coke or petcoke, as it’s commonly known, has been steadily increasing since the late 80s. But innovations in bitumen extraction have allowed petcoke production to shoot up in recent years, and U.S. exports of petcoke have risen by the barrel load: 184 million barrels in 2012, to be precise.

  • What Is Metallurgical Coke? | Sciencing

    Metallurgical coke sounds like a soda beverage, but it's not. It is a refined carbon product made from a special kind of coal. Using extremely high temperatures, coal can purified into coke -- which is then used in the iron and steel making processes. One of the most important steps in the coke-making process is ...

  • Green Petroleum Coke - amincoresources.com

    Green petroleum coke is generated by delayed coking during the conversion of crude oil into liquid fuels such as gasoline and jet fuels. Green coke quality is derived mainly from the quality of crude oil that a refinery consumes.