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  • Floatation Spa in Houston — Float Houston

    This is a Radio Interview with Michelle, owner of Float Houston, on KPFT 90.1FM Radio on March 22, 2015. Conscious Mindset is a program merging health, spirituality, society and philosophy with African-American experiences.

  • Ketchum.Idaho

    5B Floatation About News Ketchum.Idaho. 5B Floatation About News 5B Floatation. therapy spa. Monday-Saturday 8AM-8PM BY APPOINTMENT ONLY call with any questions 208-720-5469 ...

  • Horizen Floatation | Float Tanks | Guildford -Float in the ...

    Horizen floatation is Sydney's only western suburbs floatation centre.

  • Float Clinic, Torrance CA | Floatation Therapy | Sensory ...

    Float Clinic LLC doesn't claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Float Clinic LLC is a holistic wellness spa offering relaxing and rejuvenating alternatives to mind and body relaxation; naturally!

  • About Floating – Great Escape Floatation Center

    In the floatation tank there is no: Gravity: With close to 1000 pounds of epsom salts mixed with a shallow amount of water, it creates a buoyant effect, even more so than the Dead Sea.

  • Gravity Spa - Massage Therapy and Flotation Tanks ...

    Gravity Spa offers the ultimate combination of relaxation with its massage therapy and flotation tank service. Come see what all of the hype is about.

  • FLOAT STL | Floating Experience in St. Louis, MO

    When you arrive at FLOAT STL, we will be there to greet you, welcome you into our shared space, help you get comfortable, and answer any questions you have. 2. Experience. Then, we will walk you through the float experience. We will help you become familiar with the floating process, and answer any questions along the way.

  • About Us | Miami Floatation

    I have done the floatation experience somewhere else and I was searching for one in Miami. It was a great experience! The staff was very kind and helpful.

  • What Is the Law of Flotation? | Reference.com

    The law of floatation states that when a body is wholly or partially immersed in a liquid, it floats if the weight of the liquid displaced is equal to the weight of the body.

  • What are the benefits of Floatation/Sensory Deprivation ...

    What is a Floatation Tank? (aka float tank, sensory deprivation tank, or isolation tank): A tank filled with water that has enough Epsom salt mixed in to allow a person to float on the surface.

  • Air Floatation, Medium Filter, Three-Phase Separator, Bar ...

    Why Choose Us. WOMA(wuxi) environmental protection equipment Co.,Ltd. WOMA is a Science & Technology Enterprises blending design philosophy, research and manufacture.Mainly produces all kinds of air flotation equipment, sludge scraping and sucking machine, sewage treatment equipment, engineering equipment and so on.

  • floatlounge


  • Float Maine — Floatation and Relaxation in Southern Maine

    We invite you to our home in Portland, Maine to relax in the quiet and stillness of our floatation tank. You can float your cares away in a zero-gravity environment, supported by warm salt water.

  • Where to Float

    An online resource for where to float and everything about floating and sensory deprivation tanks.

  • Air Floatation, Dissolved Air System, Releaser Suppliers ...

    Choose from a large selection of air floatation, dissolved air system, releaser for the right one you need with WANCHUAN - a leading manufacturer and supplier in this field. Equipped with a productive factory, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our products at reasonable price.

  • Total Zen Float

    At Total Zen Float, we offer a sensory deprivation experience unlike any other. You may have tried other methods of relaxation or physical relief -- but until you've tried floating, you're missing out on an incredible experience. For many people, floating is the only way to find a deep level of relaxation and calm.

  • Great Escape Floatation Center

    Northeast Pennsylvania finally has the best Float Pod in the industry. Featuring intercom, touch-of-a-button LED lighting, and the ability to listen to music while you float!

  • FTA | Floatation Tank Association

    The Floatation Tank Association is a much needed organization within the floatation therapy universe. The foundational concepts and best practices provided by the FTA are a critical piece to such an important industry.

  • Westchester, NY Floating at Rise Above Floatation : Rise ...

    Rise Above Floatation is Westchester County, New York’s first and only floatation center based on the science of sensory deprivation for deep relaxation and exceptional awareness. About …

  • HOME [www.clinicalfloatation.com]

    Modern society has created a situation where the human nervous system lives in a world of near-constant stimulation. Rarely does our brain and body have the opportunity to …

  • Still Water Floatation | Roanoke VA | Float Tank | Sensory ...

    Still Water Floatation: Experience the power of floating in Roanoke VA's first sensory deprivation float tank center. What will you find when the world goes quite?

  • Fadeaway Floatation Center West Des Moines, Iowa

    Floatation REST/Sensory Deprivation Therapy in West Des Moines, Iowa. Discover the incredible benefits of nothing. Powerful treatment for the human condition.

  • PUBLICATIONS - clinicalfloatation.com

    The history of Floatation-REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy) dates back to the 1950’s when Drs. Jay Shurley and John Lilly at the National Institute of Mental Health became interested in understanding how the human brain would respond to an environment devoid of external sensory input.

  • Dissolved air flotation Suppliers and Manufacturers ...

    WOMA is specialized in the Dissolved air flotation. Equipped with advanced technology, we are one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. …

  • Buoy.flotation - Home | Facebook

    If you're looking for a different way to relax and unwind, look no further. Buoy.flotation is a beau... tiful, clean and well-run facility. The staff is very welcoming and ready to answer any questions you may have.

  • Flotation Therapy, Float Tank Therapy, Floating DC, NY ...

    Flotation Therapy New to floating? Imagine floating without any effort, free from gravity, experiencing a completely relaxed state of being. You are free of any stress, tension, or pain. You are free distractions - as if time stands still.

  • Zero Gravity Institute

    Zero Gravity Institute is Austin's original and premier float center. This unique spa offers flotation, massage therapy, and consultation. Zero Gravity Institute is Austin's original and premier float center. This unique spa offers flotation, massage therapy, and consultation.

  • The Float Experience

    The Float Experience aka The Float X is the only Float Center in Temecula, Ca. Come experience pure relaxation and float in one of our state of the art floatation tanks (aka float tank, isolation tank, sensory deprivation tank), the perfect environment to clear your mind and recharge your body from

  • Miami Luxury Floatation SPA Center | South Florida Primary ...

    I have done the floatation experience somewhere else and I was searching for one in Miami. It was a great experience! The staff was very kind and helpful. The relaxation you feel after your session beats a massage any day!

  • Flotation Therapy | Sensory Deprivation Float Tanks Boulder

    Isolate Flotation Center was founded by Ben Gleason in May of 2012. We are devoted to providing a luxurious space for people to explore the infinite possibilities of floating. Our passion for floating and its vast therapeutic potential to help people explore the human …